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Online Meditation Class by Eric Sensei

……★★ Online Meditation ★★……

Healing through "Love & Gratitude"


Learn how to calm your mind and create your life better!

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┏◆ Online Meditation Class


 Date: Every Wednesday

 Time: 22:00 - 23:00 (Japan Time)

 Fee: 2,500 yen / 1 class, 8,000 yen / 4 class

 Connection method: Zoom

┏◆ Online Private Session


 Lean how to create your love and gratitude deeply.

 Fee: 30 - 45 min / 10,800 yen

" How to participate?"

1. Please go to "Booking & Contact Us" and send us message.

2. We will let you know our bank account. Please send us the fee in advance.

3. When we confirm your payment, we'll email you.

4. The day before the class, we'll send you the URL by email to join it.


About Eric ~ The Healing Samurai ~

Eric Huffman trained extensively in Tokyo, Japan and has been practicing foot reflexology full time in Chicago for over 10 years.

While in Japan, Eric was fortunate to train with foot reflexology master, Ando Haruki sensei, as his full time apprentice.  Known for creating his original foot reflexology health modality, it was a rare opportunity to train with a teacher of his status.


Eric was honored as Ando sensei’s first apprentice.  For 10 months, Eric intimately trained everyday at his clinic and attended his school every Sunday.


Upon graduating, Eric received the highest honor of the white robe called a "hakama", seldom given to a westerner.  This is considered to be a great honor and is a symbol of mastering a skill. 


Currently, Eric offers private D H Reflexology sessions at his zen spa office in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. Eric offers a variety of classes on reflexology, meditation, yoga, qi gong, and holistic workshops.


Eric often does lectures, workshops, and retreats through out the mid-west.  He also leads an annual week long healing retreat in Hawaii.