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Sound Vibration "Hibiki"

Holistic Therapy Room


"Truly, it was the one of the best body work sessions I have ever had." 


A. B. Chicago August 2018

"I have had the honor to receive many sessions with Kyoko. 


She is a true master of her trade. 


Her sessions always send me into a deep lucid meditative state which allow me to relax both body and mind. 


Kyoko's ability to create such a peaceful healing experience leaves me feeling refreshed and balanced on every level. 


One session I had waves of euphoria wash through my body. 

I highly recommend having a session with Kyoko. 

You will be happy you did!"


E. Huffman USA February 2016

Your healing presence on our Hawaiian retreat was a blessing and I loved my massage.

I enjoyed all the elements you gifted me with in your massage, from the choosing of a colored scarf, to the choosing and holding of a stone/crystal. 


Ms. Donna Cunning USA February 2016

Your healing touch was of great service and benefit to me.  I only wished I had been able to have you come home with me to continue providing your healing therapies.


"The heart of the matter is.... The Heart Matters"


Ms. E.E. USA 2015.

This was my second trip to Japan and the second time I got a massage from Kyoko.
Before her session begins, you can select one of several essential oils to be used in your massage lotion.
Since each essential oil has different healing properties, Kyoko explains the therapeutic effect of the particular oil you chose and then proceeds with a wonderful massage.
Her touch was soft and relaxing and focusing on the areas that needed more attention.
After an hour-long soothing session, I felt relieved of stress and entirely tension free.
I look forward to coming back again!


Mr. B.S. USA 2015.

Your cosmotherapy and body work treatments brought to me a profound sense of peace and tranquility.  The experiences were healing and nourishing for my body, mind and soul and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Ms. G.H. USA 2015.