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Sound Vibration "Hibiki"

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Fascia Rebalancing

This is the one of the cranio-sacral therapy techniques called CV4 which helps the flow of cerebrospinal fluid safely. It will rebalance your autonomic nervous system.  You will feel deeply relaxed in a short  space of time.

Fascia are rather like stockings which cover our muscles and organs. 

The weight of the organs in the body are distributed unevenly but fascia help us to stand up straight.


If you sometimes cook chicken, you will see a thin, white milky skin, this is fascia. All veterbrate animals have fascia, which allow us to extend and flex the body.


It is known as a membrane which connects the consiousness with the subconsiousness. It might be wrapped by our emotions. For example, somebody has a car crash and it gives them whiplash. Most people don't heal compleately from this kind of injury, and even an check up doesn't really help. The accident has shocked the fascia and the fascia keeps this memory and becomes atrophied. This is particularly true of accidents which we don't feel responsible for.


Fascia is constantly moving, it flexes and extends between 6 to 12 times per minute. It is unrelated to breathing and the heart rate. When you touch your skin gently you are able to feel them. 


There is a membrane called dura matter in the spine which connects the brain to the sacral bone, and within this membrane are the nerves are floating in spinal fluid. If the spinal fluid is not circulating properly you can suffer from all kinds of problems. This treatment will make sure that there are no problems with this circulation by working at the base of the head.


Hibiki will help you to relax and rebalance, and more specifically it helps with:   headaches, fevers, stress, pain in the joints, realigns the sacral bone, regulates the metabolism, helps with elimination of waste products and assists with nutritional assimilation.



* Warning - This treatment is not suitable for people who have an arterial hemangioma, aneurysm or cerebral tumor.